Summer CSA 2017 Week 12


Clockwise from top left: Red onions, ‘Caraflex’ cabbage, kohl rabi, rainbow swiss chard, summer crisp lettuce, italian parsley, fresh mint, chioggia beets (large share pictured).
News from the field:
Kohl crops are fizzling out, we will have kale and collard greens for another couple of weeks or so, but they really don’t like the summer heat.We are scrambling to harvest & store all of the beautiful cabbage we grew this spring, in addition to staying on top of the weeds. The rain gauge here at the farm registered 4.5″ with Thursday’s rainstorms — our crops love it, but the weeds do, too…Onions are getting bigger by the day, (you can see LOTS of pictures of them on our Instagram feed @priapigardens). Okra is just starting to come on, and the French fillet beans and fennel will be right behind. Maybe if we stop staring at all the green tomatoes on our vines they will ripen? Peppers, squash, and zucchini are also taking their sweet time. Lots of lettuce, herbs, and beets available now. We hope you all have a great week, and thank you for your support of our small family farm!
Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens

Summer CSA ’17 Week 7

This week’s share: Butter lettuce, red russian kale, cabbage, komatsuna, deer tongue lettuce, escarole, cherry belle radishes, garlic scapes!

What may seem like an overwhelming amount of greens is so fleeting! In a month or so we will be settling in for the rainbow veggies of summer, with only heat tolerant lettuce for our salad bowls. Enjoy these spring beauties while you can! Try your komatsuna or escarole on the grill this weekend, along with your garlic scapes! These are some precious veggies you will never find in the grocery store…

Summer ’17 CSA Week 5


Summer CSA Week 5 (Clockwise from top left):
Butter Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Curly Kale
Hon Tsai Tai
Sugar Snap Peas
French Breakfast OR Cherry Belle Radish
Joi Choi
Mmm some new faces in your box this week!
While busy, this is such a magical time of year produce-wise. It is as if the Earth knows bathing suit season is upon us, and we should be nourishing our bodies with lots of leafy greens and bright radishes in preparation! (Please disregard this quip if you are just here to get down on some veggies, and could care less about how you look in a bathing suit). Hon tsai tai (pictured here) is an asian green in the mustard family that sends up tender little shoots, leaves, and flowers, for your culinary pleasure! The whole plant is edible (flowers included) try it chopped raw in your salad mix, lightly wilted in your favorite soup, or stir fried to perfection. Whenever I have edible flowers, I set them aside and use them as a garnish, they are delicious and much more attractive raw! Our sugar snap peas are so fun to eat and so satisfying! They make a great vehicle for dips and spreads (especially hummus) at snacktime, or a nice crunchy note for your stir fry or salad. We hope you have as much fun getting into your box as we did packing it. If your enthusiasm is bubbling over, be sure to write a review on our Facebook page! Thank you so much to those of you that have already left us beautiful reviews!!!! We love that you love what we love to do! Have a great week, everybody!
Vic, Mary, Bethany, & the team at Priapi Gardens