Summer CSA 2017 Week 22

The final share for the summer season, clockwise from top left: Italian parsley, summer crisp lettuce, rainbow chard, spicy salad mix, eggplant, sweet peppers, yellow onions, garlic.

Ahhhh, it’s here…the 22nd, and final, week of the summer CSA. You made it!

Leafy greens are becoming more abundant with the cooler weather. We love this time of year when summer and fall crops overlap. So much room for culinary creativity, and so many good things on the way. Kale, romaine, buttercrunch, rainbow carrots, radishes, spinach, broccoli, brussels sprouts, turnips, rutabaga, to name a few. Mouth watering? Good. This is a shameless plug for the Fall and Winter CSA seasons! Sign up here. Your support of our small family farm is good for the land, good for your health, and good for the local economy. Now that is a winning combination — just like caramelized garlic, puff pastry, and goat cheese (though the former is slightly better for your health)! Without much ado, here are some yummy recipes to inspire you this week.

Caramelized Garlic Tart

Sweet Peppers with Pasta

Eggplant & Tofu Stirfry

Seriously, people, make The Parsley Cake

Don’t forget about our Fall Plant Sale! Right now, all plants at the garden center are Buy One, Get One free! Fall is a wonderful time for planting!!!

Lots of love,
Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens

Summer CSA 2017 Week 21

From top left, clockwise: Radicchio, NZ spinach, kohl rabi, celery, sweet red peppers, yellow onions, sweet corn, beets, poblano peppers, jalapeno peppers, Asian pears! (Large share pictured)

Wednesday is here again! We have a beautiful share of veggies this week, you will all succeed in eating your rainbow. Next week is the 22nd, and final, week of the summer CSA season, so if you haven’t yet signed up for Fall and Winter — now is the time! You can purchase a share through our website, over the phone, in person at the garden center, or any one of our farmers markets.

We are working through our final crop of organic sweet corn, as delicious as it is, we can pretty much guarantee each ear will have a little worm inside! We hope you can forgive them for loving sweet corn as much as we do, send them on their way, and enjoy your precious prize! This may be sweet corn’s final appearance in your box for the season.

We can only grow celery a couple of times a year, and you will notice it looks quite different from what you may find in the grocery store. The stalks are much more slender, and if you find you do not enjoy eating our celery raw, it is delicious sauteed with other veggies, or in soup!

Perseo radicchio is another item you may find looks unfamiliar. It is similar in flavor to its more purple counterpart, so it plays well with some sweetness in a salad (perhaps roasted beets, asian pears, some honey and goat cheese?!) It can also be steamed with a bit of vinegar if the bitterness is unpalatable to you. We hope you enjoy it.

We were busy in the garden all day planting. Our winter carrots are up, fall arugula and spicy salad mix are looking good, and the watermelon radishes are about 1 centimeter tall! Savor the final weeks of summer veggies, but fall and winter are looking like they will be pretty delicious, too — just the way we like it.

Beautiful conditions for harvesting radicchio!
Summer sunset over the farm.

Seasons eating,
Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens

Summer CSA 2017 Week 20

From top left, clockwise: Eggplant, onions, peppers, Asian pears, summer squash, edamame, parsley, beefsteak tomatoes, chives, sweet corn.

September is here and it already feels like fall is on the way in with cooler temperatures. You’ll find some Asian pears in your box this week, a special treat to be enjoyed this time of year, they are very juicy, have the great taste of a pear, and the crisp texture (and shape!) of an apple. These pears are great for snacking and baking, and will keep for quite a while if you take care with gentle handling to keep the skin intact and unblemished. They are a great source of Vitamin C and fiber – if you need some ideas, try one of these great recipes!

Asian Pear Slaw

Asian Pear Cake

Have a happy week,
Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens