This week’s share:
Spicy Salad Mix
Brussels Sprouts
Lettuce (red leaf OR romaine)
Baby Mustard Greens
Spring is officially upon us! We hope you are off to a happy and healthy start of this new season. If we thought we were busy growing veggies (which we did) we become 100% busier as the garden season gets underway! Did you know we are a full service garden center in addition to being an organic vegetable farm? We carry trees, shrubs, pond plants, organic veggie transplants, edible plants, native plants, ceramic pots, annual flowers, perennials, and “mulch” more! As a CSA member you have the added benefit of 15% off any purchase made at the garden center with your Priapi Perks card — which includes nursery stock and gardening supplies. We are open 7 days a week and look forward to helping plan(t) the garden of your dreams!
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A couple of new faces in your share this week. Your baby mustard greens are greenhouse grown and decidedly tender and mild. They go great in a salad mix, or gently wilted with sauteed onion or garlic. The arugula is probably larger than you are used to seeing, and proportionately potent. If it is too spicy for your tastes in a salad, cooking will mellow its flavor. Remember the pesto recipes we pitched last week? This arugula would make a kickin’ pesto! Spinach is lovely as ever. Your brussels sprouts will be easier to manage if you first pop them off their stalks before shaving for a salad or sauteeing, roasting, etc.  And the rutabaga! These little beauties were popped out of the garden this morning. In general, we do peel these before cooking, unlike most things. Never hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Seasons eatings,
Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the Priapi Gardens CSA Team

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