Clockwise, from upper left corner: red russian kale, red leaf lettuce, dinosaur (lacinato) kale, brussels sprouts, napa cabbage, carrots, joi choi, red dragon radishes. sweet potatoes.
Large share pictured.
Use first (will keep about a week in the fridge): red leaf lettuce, brussels sprouts
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): joi choi, kale (both kinds)
Store very well (a month or more):sweet potatoes, carrots, cabbage, radishes

While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to wash your vegetables well before enjoying.

You may noticed brussels sprouts have migrated from the “store very well” category into the “use first” category. These beauts were harvested from the garden *after* our extended cold weather period of a few weeks ago, which compromised their structural integrity. This is the very last of our brussels sprout crop for the year, so we figured you would like to have some — short shelf life or not!

Counter-intuitively, as far as our farm is concerned, mid-winter kale is a rare treat. The red russian and dinosaur kale were both grown in the greenhouse, which is a bit warm for their liking. We will have kale for another week or so, then have to wait until our next crop comes on in the garden (usually early spring). Enjoy your leafy greens and rainbow roots!

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