In the box this week (from upper left corner, clockwise): Sweet peppers, cilantro, mustard greens, dandelion greens, spicy mix, red russian kale, hakurei turnips, dragon radishes, joi choi (large share pictured).

Use first (will keep about a week): spicy mix, cilantro, turnip greens
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): kale, peppers, mustard, dandelion, joi choi
Store very well (a month or more): turnips, radishes

While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.

It is hard to believe the Fall CSA is halfway through! Now might be a good time to consider signing up for the winter season, if you haven’t already. Because we are limited to growing indoors, it is the season the least number of shares are available –and that we want fresh leafy greens the most! Secure your share today!

Have you tried roasting your hakurei turnips yet? It is *the best* way to enjoy them. Dragon radishes also roast beautifully and the two together make an unusual & appealing color combination on your plate! Try this recipe!

Italian dandelion greens are a superfood that is certainly worth learning to love. Not to be confused with the dandelions that grow in your yard (also edible), the italian variety is a member of the chicory family; we purchase the seeds and plant them intentionally! These greens pack cleansing & alkalizing properties that your body will love! Citrus helps to balance their bitter flavor, so a Dandelion Green and Citrus Salad like this one may be just the ticket to starting your new love affair with italian dandelion greens! Alternately, you can prepare them in a classic italian fashion, Spicy and Sauteed.

Wherever cooking with your CSA share takes you, we are honored to be along for the ride. Stay warm and enjoy your veggies!

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