Spring CSA Week 3

Can you spot the surprise items in week 3’s share? (Hint: there are 2!)


Clockwise from top left:
Yellowstone Carrots
French Breakfast Radishes
Baby Lettuce
Curly Kale
Joi Choi

Our CSA member volunteers have lovingly termed this type of spread a Priapi Box O’ Greens. Indeed!

Use first: radishes, lettuce, claytonia, tatsoi, mushrooms (store best in a paper bag)
Store a bit longer (1-2 weeks): spinach, curly kale, joi choi, parsley
Good for a month or more: carrots

You will notice the tops of your radishes are beautiful, tender and fresh. One of our favorite preparations for a radish of this caliber is to: rinse your bunch of radishes without removing tops (we even leave their little roots on, but you can follow your heart on this one). Set a pan on your stovetop with a small amount of water covering the bottom. Cover and gently steam your radishes until greens wilt — be careful not to overcook! This will only take about 5-7 minutes on med-low heat. Remove from heat and drain water, garnish with a bit of butter and salt, and enjoy! This is a fabulous accompaniment to scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! How are you getting creative in the kitchen this week? We would love to hear your favorite recipes from eating ‘out of the box’.

We would also like to remind you all to return your empty CSA boxes to your pickup location, or the farm. The waxed boxes are super durable and we reuse them many times. Not only is this earth friendly, it also helps keep the cost of the CSA down. Here’s a little video on how to properly collapse your box for transport.

Happy eating,
Vic, Mary, and Bethany