Clockwise from top left: Savoy cabbage, okra, lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, basil, white onions (uncured), banana peppers (sweet), eggplant, purple peppers (sweet). Large share pictured. 


Happy Wednesday! All of this summer heat and rain is starting to show in our warm weather crops! Some new faces in your box this week. Like last week, you will not find your tomatoes nor basil in your box, but somewhere near where you pick up your share. Small shareholders, you get 2 beefsteak tomatoes and one bunch of basil. Large shareholders get 4 beefsteak tomatoes and one bunch of basil.  We hope you have fun with these ingredients, here are some ideas to get you started.

Grilled Okra

Simple Baba Ganoush

Sausage, Peppers, and Onions

Have a happy week,

Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens

Summer storms rolling in.

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