From top left, clockwise: Carrots!, red leaf lettuce, fennel, joi choi, swiss chard, purple top turnips, cilantro, romaine lettuce. (Large share pictured).

A particularly swoonworthy share. We will be scrambling to harvest as much beautiful vegetable matter as we can from the garden this week before Friday night’s very frigid, 24 degree, arrival. Not everything can be saved. This is probably the last week the cilantro will be around, so savor it!

Some tips on an order of operations for this week’s share…

Use first (will keep about a week in the fridge): cilantro, joi choi, red leaf lettuce.

Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): romaine lettuce, swiss chard, carrot tops.

Store very well (a month or more): Carrots, fennel bulbs, turnips.

All veggies this week store best in a bag or sealed container in the refrigerator.

If you have never considered carrot tops as more than compost, it is time to think again! While they are as beautiful as they are early in the season, our customers will often include them in salads, or use them as a base for pesto, in juices, or stock!And, no, they are not poisonous!This recipe for Roasted Carrot and Black Bean Tacos includes carrots, their tops, and cilantro! A final word on our beautiful carrots — don’t bother peeling them! Carrots form a ‘skin’ when they are out of the ground for a long time, and begin to dry out. Freshly dug carrots are crunchy and juicy and you will want to enjoy every bit of them (just be sure to wash them well)!

Some other recipes to inspire you this week:
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Stay warm,
Vic, Mary, Bethany, & the Team at Priapi Gardens

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