In your share this week:

Scallions, ‘Summer Crisp’ lettuce, cucumbers, sweet corn, sweet peppers, red onion, fennel, squash OR zucchini (large share pictured).
Use first (best when very fresh): cucumbers, sweet corn
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): everything else!
While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.  
Happy Week 20 of the Summer CSA!
Farmer David took great pains to de-worm your sweet corn this morning by trimming the ears. Without his efforts about 100% of the ears now come with a wee, wiggly, certified organic friend. This is typical of our last crop of sweet corn for the season, so hopefully the benefits outweigh the costs!
Looks like fennel and onion are a match made in heaven! Here are some recipe ideas combining the two:
With just two weeks remaining of the Summer CSA season here at Priapi Gardens, the time to sign up for the Fall CSA is now! The Fall season begins on September 25th, and is 10 weeks long, ending just before Thanksgiving on November 27th.
You can sign up through our website by clicking this link, over the phone, or in person at the farm!
We look forward to providing you with fresh, healthy, and affordable USDA organic produce every week!

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