In your share this week:
‘Summer Crisp’ lettuce, ‘Red Russian’ kale, spicy salad mix, arugula, assorted sweet peppers, green & purple okra, yellow onions, cilantro (large share pictured).
Use first (will keep about a week): cilantro, okra, arugula, spicy salad mix
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): kale, lettuce, peppers
Stores very well (4 weeks or more): onions
While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed!
 Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.  
Happy Week 2 of the Fall CSA!
Happy fall! If you were a member of our Summer CSA, and you have 2 minutes to spare, let us know how you felt about the experience by taking our survey. Your feedback is so important to us! Thanks to all of you who have already shared your thoughts with us by taking the survey! You are wonderful!
Whether you are joining us for the first time ever, the first time in a while, or you have been a member of our CSA for years, we are so happy you are here!
The effects of the *slightly* cooler weather are starting to show in the garden! Leafy greens are making their return, and, as with most things in life — when it rains it pours! You’ll find lots of beautiful baby greens in your share this week and we hope you enjoy them!
Here are some recipes you could whip up with your share:
Crispy Oven Roasted Okra (we are repeating this recipe because we tried it at home and it was a huge hit! If you are still wondering what to do with your okra – this is it!)
We hope you have fun and enjoy the delicious food!

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