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USDA Organics


We have a full range of plant material for all of your gardening needs. Check out our beautiful plants!

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USDA Organics

USDA Organics

Year round on-site farm market. Seasonal certified organic produce.

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Local Foods

Local Foods

Our on-site market has local foods that are either natural or organic.

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CSA Spring 2019 Week 1

Clockwise, from upper left: Curly kale ‘Casper’, baby lettuce, rainbow carrots, sweet potatoes, lemongrass, ‘China Rose’ radish, Priapi Garden Tomato Sauce, crimini mushrooms (large share pictured).Use first (will keep about a week): lettuce
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): kale, mushrooms*
Store very well (a month or more): radishes*, carrots, sweet potatoes*, lemongrass, sauce!
*certified organic items, purchased from other local farms (Mother Earth Mushrooms, Even’ Star Farm, Lands End Farm, Chestertown, MD)*

While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.

Welcome to Week 1 of the Spring CSA!

Whether you have been a year-round CSA member for years, or it is your very first time joining us, thank you for supporting our delicious work!

We have a CSA ‘first’ this week and it can be found in that beautiful jar of tomato sauce in your share! For the past 2 summers we have partnered with Amber Smucker of Mother Smucker Salsa in Rock Hall (https://www.mothersmuckersalsa.com/) to preserve some of summer’s bounty in sauce form. This marinara is made with our organic tomatoes, onions, garlic, herbs, and is sealed to last until your are ready for it (prior to opening, refrigeration is not necessary). Each jar takes about five pounds of tomatoes to make, and is a reminder of the pragmatic function that canning has traditionally served in our not-too-distant past…namely, giving us something to eat when winter crops are scarce! While the bulk of our leafy greens play catch up in the greenhouse (with longer days of sunshine they’ll be along shortly), we hope these hearty root crops, aromatic delights, and mushrooms help keep your senses (and stomachs) delighted.

In other news, the high tunnel has been sown and planted for spring, and we continue to replant beds as fast as they are vacated in the slightly warmer climate of House 1. The ‘baby lettuce’ in your share this week would technically reach full size if we had the time to let it, to give you an idea of the stressful waiting game that winter farming can entail! We will get as many greens to you as soon as possible, but yield, weather, and time are intrinsically related. Our spring onions sets are up and very adorable, along with a boat load of other leafy friends that will be planted in the garden before we know it.

CSA Winter 2019 Week 10

Clockwise, from upper left: Lettuce, ‘White Satin’ carrots, swiss chard, 2nd head of lettuce (large share only), watermelon radishes, mixed organic mushrooms, ‘Red Russian’ kale, ‘China Rose’ radish, joi choi (large share pictured).

Use first (will keep about a week): lettuce
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): joi choi, kale, chard, mushrooms
Store very well (a month or more): radishes, carrots

While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.

Happy Chinese New Year and Week 10 of the Winter CSA!

We hope you have enjoyed these past 10 weeks of local, organic produce. The (sold out) Spring season begins next week. If you missed signing up for Spring, we still have Summer CSA shares available.

It is our pleasure to share this week’s rainbow of delectable produce. We have purchased some additional USDA certified organic root crops from our friends at Even’ Star Farms in Lexington Park, MD, who grew the ‘China Rose’ radishes in your share. Your mushrooms were grown by Mother Earth Mushroom Farm in Landenberg, PA. Everything else was grown by us in the greenhouse or garden. This time of year it helps to be part of a vibrant local food shed, when the weather can not always be relied on to provide enough sunshine and warmth for our veggies!

That being said, we are very excited that the weather is looking milder in the coming weeks. It means we can rely less on auxiliary heat in the greenhouses, and vegetable regeneration will be more vigorous. Sunshine is an amazing resource! We plan to soak it up in the coming days, and hope you find some time to do the same. Thank you for being part of our community supported agriculture!

CSA Winter 2019 Week 9

Clockwise, from upper left: ‘Southern Cross’ kale, lettuce, joi choi, cherry belle radishes, purple top turnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, daikon radish (large share pictured).

Use first (will keep about a week): lettuce, radish greens
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): joi choi, kale
Store very well (a month or more): turnips, carrots, radishes, sweet potatoes

While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying.

Happy Week 9 of the Winter CSA! Next week will be the last share for the Winter season, the Spring season begins 2/13/19.

It is the time of year when cold temperatures and gray skies take a toll on our production. You can review the science in the diagram below. In short, pray for sunshine!
The purple top turnips and cherry belle radishes in your share were purchased from local organic growers, Even’ Star Farm in Lexington Park and Flying Plow Farm in Rising Sun. The turnips are a bit small, but they are freshly dug and unwaxed, so we would suggest you skip peeling them all together in your preparation. Here is a new recipe a friend shared with us, too cute and yummy not to pass along Nip-Nip Soup.

Your kale was harvested from the greenhouse, it is sweet and tender for whatever you choose to do with it!

Enjoy your veggies!