Clockwise from top left: Italian parsley, rainbow Swiss chard, summer crisp lettuce, white onions (uncured), cherry tomatoes(!!!)*, collard greens, Chioggia beets, kohl rabi, Napa cabbage (large share pictured).

Happy Wednesday, again! Another beautiful share of certified organic produce is coming your way. Fun fact — we weighed a large CSA share after packing the boxes this morning and it was a hefty twelve pounds! (This is not the heaviest, we have had boxes weigh as much as twenty two pounds in recent memory!) In other words, we hope you are enjoying all of your produce, but if you feel a bit overwhelmed by veggies, that is pretty natural. We would encourage you to share your share! Maybe some family members or neighbors would enjoy items you feel you just can’t get to. Another good trick is to stock pile root veggies (like kohl rabi, beets, and cabbage — to a certain extent) that will store for months in your refrigerator until you have some down time to process them for the long winter ahead. Pickled beets and pickled kohl rabi are both excellent ways to brighten up winter salads and cheese plates. Maybe branch out and try something new; homemade sauerkraut is simple, delicious, and naturally loaded with probiotics.

*Perhaps most importantly, there are some things that we just refuse to refrigerate here at the farm, and tomatoes are at the top of that list. As we come into tomato season, your tomatoes for a given week will not be in your box, but somewhere nearby. If you pick up at the garden center in Cecilton, we will have your tomatoes in the farmstand (as ever, an employee would be happy to help if you need it). If you pick your share up at one of our other locations, you will see your tomatoes nearby! Be sure to read any accompanying signs and take the right container or amount for your share size*. To learn more, check out this article by Rodale’s Organic Life — Tomatoes, and 9 other things you should never store in the refrigerator. And here are a few recipe suggestions to try this week (thank you, Denise, for bringing the swiss chard pancakes to our attention! Cannot wait to try those!)

Swiss Chard Pancakes

Tabbouleh – the answer for a ton of parsley!

Fridge pickled kohl rabi and carrots

We hope you have a happy week,

Vic, Mary, Bethany, and the team at Priapi Gardens

Below: CSA members Mark and Pat happily harvest onions on a foggy morning at the farm.


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