In your share this week:
 Lettuce, cucumbers (‘Suyo’ & ‘Tasty Jade’), slicing tomatoes, sweet peppers, sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, squash, tomatillos, red onions, hot peppers (poblanos & jalapenos), french fillet string beans (large share pictured).
Use first (best when very fresh): tomatoes*, sweet corn, green beans
Store a little longer (about 2 weeks): everything else!
While your produce is super fresh, it has not been washed! Please take care to always wash your vegetables well before enjoying. 
Happy Week 18 of the Summer CSA!
We’ve rounded up some of our finest produce for your share this week. Don’t forget, *if you pick your share up at Priapi Gardens, your tomatoes will be waiting for you in the farmstand!*
Our tomatoes have peaked! If you are thinking of doing any canning, now is the time to order your tomatoes by the case! $2.75/# and we can get about 10# in each case. Call ahead to order, and put up some delicious summer sunshine for the dark winter nights approaching.
Poblanos are the mildest of all the hot peppers we grow and are traditionally used to make Chiles Rellenos. This fabulous recipe is a bit involved for a weeknight, so we often make a deconstructed version by sauteeing veggies and pork (or chicken or beans) in a pan and enjoying over some quinoa or rice. Any way you slice them, these peppers are very fun!
Tomatillo BBQ Sauce <- a great way to use your tomatillos. Let us know if you’d like some green tomatoes instead of red when you pick up your share for this recipe, we have plenty of both!
Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie <- you might get addicted to this perfect summer breakfast combo like we have, luckily, we have given you plenty of cucumbers in that eventuality. We have tried this recipe with frozen raspberries, blackberries, and/or peaches, and it is delicious every time.
Quick Pickled Red Onions <- an easy make-ahead condiment that enhances any dish! We love these on tacos, burgers, & salads.
Enjoy the food! Thank you for your support of our family farm!

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