You’re probably wondering, “when are they ever going to settle down and stop changing their hours!”.  It’s been a real challenge, juggling employee/customer safety, workload, springtime, and the demand for our products, to come up with hours of operation that meet all needs given this crisis that we all find ourselves in.  See our hours in the photo above.

If you know of particular items that you might need, you can call 410-275-9438, place your order and prepay.  We’ll load your car when you get to the farm.  You are welcome to walk our grounds while maintaining more than required social distancing.  Our greenhouse is open, please no more than two persons inside at a time!  If you can only come to the farm outside of regular “open” hours, please call to schedule an appointment.  We are happy to accommodate you!

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Vic and Mary Priapi

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